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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Tories enter election mode

Today on CTV's Question Period, Jim Prentice gives us the first indication that the Tories have gone into election mode. I have provided a clip of the interview below. Watch it. Prentice practically ignores all the questions posed to him by Craig Oliver and, instead, gives us the earliest version we have of the Conservative party election campaign talking points.

The gist of the Tory election strategy appears to be twofold.

First, they want to keep emphasizing the differences in perceived leadership between Stephen Harper and St├ęphane Dion.

Second, it appears that we're going to hear two words from the Tories a lot in the weeks to come: "protection" and "security." Prentice repeated a talking point over and over again during the interview: the Tories will protect Canadians and provide them security with respect to crime, terror, and the economy. St├ęphane Dion won't because he's soft on all of them.

That's the Tories.

Now compare that orchestrated and planned launch into campaign mode with what the Liberals did during the next segment of the same show. I have provided a clip of this segment, too. Watch it. It's nothing but confused messaging from three Liberal MPs who look like they were dragged out to protect their leader.

Whereas Prentice came on the show knowing exactly what he was going to say, the Liberals came on the show with an idea but quickly lost track as they tried to explain just what their party and leader are up to.

I think Prime Minister Harper has scouted the landscape and determined that it may be ripe for an election. Judging by the performances I saw on the show today, I don't blame him.

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