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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Are Tories and NDP ready to reply?

I have been saying for months now that a Tory-NDP deal on the environment is in the works. Well, if you don't believe me, listen to what they have to say about it.

These are clips from CTV Newsnet's Mike Duffy Live, which aired on Friday, April 13.

NDP leader Jack Layton:

Conservative environment minister John Baird:

I believe that the Dion-May alliance announced this week was perhaps designed in part to counter any Tory-NDP action on climate change.

If you listen to the players themselves, it sure looks like something's up, don't it? Pass the popcorn.

What if the government refuses to accept the revised Clean Air Act and force the NDP to vote against the government together with the Liberals and BQ? It will be a money bill and that would force an election on the very issue that Dion-May want to fight the next election.

How can Harper go to the country on the issue of the environment when that is not what he wants to fight the next election?


That's why I don't think Harper will refuse the Clean Air Act. He and Layton will work out a compromise bill, as both Layton and Baird seem to indicate.


Harper and Layton have one common goal: Destroying the Liberal Party. Tories + NDP = Majority of votes in Commons.

Dion is helping them do it too.


Looks like you've been blown out of the water with your CPC-NDP pact on the environment bill C-30, now that Baird will be bringing in government regulations to meet our Kyoto obligations.

Do you have any more guesses on what might be brewing betweeen Layton and Harper now?


I still don't think anything has actually changed.

I don't think Dion makes that pact with May unless he's willing to have a spring election over the environment. I think it's one of the ways he thinks he can stop Harper from having a majority.

You avoid having an election on the environment by having the Tories and the NDP vote together on matters of confidence regarding the environment.

And you get that by reaching some kind of agreement on something like a yet again to be amended Clean Air Act, which could supplement any regulations Baird is willing to implement right now.

I believe there is an inevitable showdown to come on the environment which could threaten an election. And a Tory-NDP deal of some kind will skunk Dion on this issue, in so many ways.


I agree with you that Dion brought May on board to stop Harper having a Spring election. Now that Dion pretty much has the Green vote, all he has to do is reclaim those who switched their votes from the Liberals to the NDP in the last two election, which is concievable.

The big issue in any next election is to deny Harper a majority government and hopefully for the Liberals to win at least a minority Liberal government, which is quite possible if Dion can rally the Green and NDP vote behind himself.

If the next election results in another Harper minority government, that will force the NDP to merge with the Liberals, particularily if the NDP support drops. Internal and external pressure on the NDP to throw their lot in with the Liberals will be intense, and I believe we are one election away from uniting the Left.

So the next federal election will not only be on environmental issues, it will be about who Canadians want to be governed by - Conservatives or Liberals.


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