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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Belinda's quitting vindicates Harper — and me

I think it's safe to say that Belinda's predictable departure from politics is a complete vindication of Stephen Harper and his role in her departure from the Conservative party. She's an opportunist who never had the stomach to do politics the hard way. It's why she backstabbed Harper in 2005. It's why she's quitting altogether in 2007.

She was the guilty party. The Liberals decided they wanted her. Now she's decided she doesn't want them. Perfect.

As much as some might also want to dismiss this as inconsequential, I believe that Belinda represents everything that is wrong with the current Liberal party. In a nutshell, it's all about "me" for Liberals. She was their star catch. Now she's their star dud, just like much of what the party seems to be about right now.

Did I mention that this move was predictable? Oh yes, I did. Did I also mention that I predicted it almost precisely a year ago? No? Did I mention that I reaffirmed that prediction this past October? I guess I mentioned it now, didn't I. It's hard to be humble, you know. I'm trying.

Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, since I feel it necessary to post my exact words on April 7, 2006:
I hereby make the following prediction: Belinda Stronach will resign from politics within the next 18 months. Carry on.
And I guess my prediction has been vindicated alongside Harper's integrity. Cheers.


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