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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


CP is at it again

I'm not exactly sure what's been going on at CP lately. Quite frankly, it's been one torqued anti-Harper headline and lead after another. So should I be surprised that they have Stephane Dion calling Harper an "untrustworthy hypocrite" even though nowhere do they quote Dion actually using those words? Would they be so eager to keep painting Harper as a monster that they would have Dion do it for them, even though it's not what he actually said?

For the record, I believe the headline makes Dion look bad. This is a guy who keeps promising to take the high road. For CP, it seems that throwing eggs at Harper is that high road, I guess.

Well, as you point out, the headline makes Dion look like, um, a whiner, so we need to see the silver lining on the black cloud that is CP.



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