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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Dion's double talk on the CWB

If Liberal leader Stephane Dion was being sincere in his belief that the CWB plebiscite was undemocratic, wouldn't he promise to hold a new vote that was democratic? Instead, he's turning around and promising to maintain the current monopoly of the Wheat Board — regardless of what the membership thinks. How in the world is that position more sustainable than the one he's criticizing from the government?

UPDATE (11:34 pm): By the way, this is just another reason why Liberals, including Dion himself, should be taken to task for continually referring to the Liberal leader as a "man of integrity." A man of integrity would not only denounce this plebiscite, he would do so by telling us how:

a) An internationally respected firm is wrong in the way it conducted this vote.

b) He would do it better.

Yet I keep hearing Liberals tell us that Dion is such a "man of integrity." They keep repeating it as though it was a chant at a cult meeting.

Like so much with Dion and Liberals, it's all talk. They didn't get it done. They aren't getting it done. They won't get it done. It's the reality, baby.

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