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Friday, April 20, 2007


Environmentalists fear-monger about fear-mongering

Greenhouse Gas
The usual suspects are predictably blasting the government today for warning about the economic impacts of adhering to Kyoto. The usual suspects say that it's all fear-mongering from a government that's still cool to the idea of cracking down on invisible greenhouse gas emissions.

Well, if adhering to Kyoto was so easy, then why was your supposed champion of the environment, Stephane Dion, so reluctant to do anything about Kyoto for the decade he was in government? In fact, according to those who knew him best in government, his cabinet colleagues, Dion actually worked against Kyoto implementation because it was so hard to do.

You see, Liberals have gotten into the practice of saying whatever they want when they're out of power, while doing whatever they want when they're in power. On no file is this more apparent than Kyoto and global warming.

When in power, they let greenhouse gas emissions go up as much as possible. When out of power, they say greenhouse gas emissions need to go down now or it's the end of the world. In other words, Liberals being out of power is the end of the world.

The Liberals allowed emissions to rise by about 30% on their watch. These emissions were supposed to go down during that time. We're almost near the deadline for Kyoto compliance, yet both Liberals and other environmentalist zealots tell us that it's a piece of cake to achieve compliance.

It's so hypocritical to see environmentalists like Elizabeth May say Kyoto compliance is absolutely necessary while, at the same time, she endorses a leader and a party in the Stephane Dion Liberals whose record on Kyoto is absolutely dreadful.

If it's so easy, then why didn't Dion get it done? He has a record. He had his chance. Why in the world are we to trust these people on the environment again?

When it comes to the environment and truth, I think the last people we need to be hearing from are those that didn't care one bit about the issue when they had the power to do the very things they now say are crucial.

There is fear-mongering here and it's not coming from the Harper Tories. It's coming from the Liberals, the left, and the environmentalists.

I think it would be fairest to say that Harper, as well as the Liberals, the left, and environmentalists, have dabbled in fear mongering from time to time. =)


Except one side had a chance to get it done, and didn't. They then turn around and yell and scream at the people who are left with the mess.


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