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Monday, April 30, 2007


Second Thoughts Tory-NDP climate deal watch cont'd...

A person could read an entire article like this, including provocative headline, and conclude that the Tories are at odds with just about the entire universe when it comes to their plan on global warming.

However, read this line tucked nicely away in the middle, and you see where some openings lie for both Harper and Layton:

Meanwhile, Mr. Van Loan said that there are some "elements of C-30 that are of value and we'll have to evaluate how we can best put those in place."
In other words, the government seems very willing to enact some of Bill C-30, a bill which I have recently suggested will serve as part of the long-in-coming compromise between the Conservatives and the NDP on the environment.

It was predictable that the new Tory plan would be trashed by the usual suspects as being vague and not enough. Well, there are many parts of C-30 that both Layton and Harper seem willing to live with, and that might serve to fill in the gaps of the current Tory plan.

It would go down as one of the most brilliant political strategies in Canadian history. Or, I'm just plain crazy. We'll see.

Looks like Layton is intent on driving through Bill C-30 without changes according to this NDP press release:

Layton appears to offer no compromise on C-30, and this may even precipitate an election on Kyoto.


I suggest you watch this video, which I posted on my blog earlier: Basically, Jack says he's open to at least getting some of it passed. ie) compromise.


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