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Saturday, April 21, 2007


The Senate – the gift that keeps on giving

As much as the Liberals want to accuse the government of stall tactics, and as much as the media wants to accuse the government of threatening an election, this issue about fixed election dates legislation appears to be a blunder by the Liberal controlled Senate.

Why in the world would they have added that stupid amendment to delay federal elections if and when local elections were occurring at the same time?

It gives the Tories an excuse to delay the bill, while taking away from the opposition a tool that gives it most of the power to call an election.

During Harper's term in office so far, the Senate has done its best to justify Harper's continued attacks on the institution as it is constituted presently. They are arrogant, unresponsive, clumsy, and undemocratic. So I guess it's fitting to seem them trip over themselves like this. Good show.

Don't get me wrong. The government is doing its best to keep as many election options open as possible. But getting help from the Senate like this just seems like poetic justice to me.

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