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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Why are people giving May/Dion a pass on Potvin?

While I absolutely agree with this Ottawa Citizen editorial about extremism on the left, where I depart is the kid gloves they use on Elizabeth May and, by extension, Stephane Dion. After first saying she would give the extremist the "benefit of the doubt", she issues a flip-flop by refusing to sign his nomination papers, but still commends the guy for being an important family man and member of the community.

Here are May's own words:

I spoke with Kevin [Potvin] and realize this has been difficult for him. He is a community leader, a father and an engaged citizen. He plays a very helpful role in his community.
Why has May been given a pass for this still apologetic view of the extremist? For that matter, what does her political partner Stephane Dion have to say about Potvin's kind of hatred?

You know that if this kind of extremism was found on the right, it would be hammered to death 24/7. Come on, people. Come on, media. Let's be fair in what we denounce in this country, right?

The liberal media generally believes that the USA got what it deserved on 9/11 .. and uses reverse logic to justify that belief with the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Self-hating bleeding heart Americans and Canadians who hate the US democracy will espouse such beliefs.

As for Potvin, he is insignificant and will be soon forgotten .. all because he is considered to be a nutbar.


I wouldn't say that May was particularly apoloegtic, especially considering that she also said in that same press release:

"However, his views are antithetical to Green Party values. We have irreconcilable differences. I will not sign his nomination papers and he will not be a Green Party candidate."

That's a nice way of saying get the heck out.


Adam, please.

If he was a racist, would it be a nice way of saying get the heck out?

No way people would allow Harper to get away with this kind of handling of an extremist.


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