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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


CP again

This is what the Harper-bashers at CP consider to be a news story. It's the entire news article. I kid you not:

Prime Minister's suntan suddenly vanishes

The Canadian Press
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper's face has recently looked an odd shade of copper. Suggestions that this might be due to anything but the sun were dismissed by aides as "sunshine in France during the Vimy ceremonies." Harper was back in the Commons yesterday sporting the same pale hue as most Ottawa folk.

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Slagging PM Harper seems to be popular with the CP, and I suspect it's because how they do business. CP reporters sell their articles to Canadian newspapers who pick up whatever story they think will cater to their reader's interest and local bias.

Since most newspapers are anti-CPC-Harper, the CP articles are tailored to this hatred, and they spew out their obvious venom with an extra bit of glee.

CP reporters are scumbags of the worst order and a disgrace to Canadian journalism, which btw is also controlled by Liberal Schools of Journalism.


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