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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Harper indicates long-term support for mission

It would appear as though the prime minister has decided to support the mission in Afghanistan beyond the February, 2009, deadline now currently in place.

This will no doubt differentiate him from all three opposition parties, including the Liberals, who want the mission to end on schedule.

If this is indeed the way the government is going, then it's clear that Harper is willing to to take on the Liberals in a debate on a mission that they started in the first place.

In a sense, it almost seems as though this confrontation was inevitable. The volatile support from Canadians for this mission will be weighed against a Liberal leader who has flip-flopped on it more than once.

If support for the mission falters among Canadians, then the flip-flops will be tolerated. If it doesn't falter, then I think Dion's leadership will be a continuing question mark leading up to any campaign.

It might also ensure that we'll have a national debate on something perhaps for the first time since free trade.

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