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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The issue Dion failed to nip in the bud right away

I'm sure a lot of politicos will be talking about the new Tory attack campaign in the next few days, which is why I normally don't post about such items. Everyone else does.

However, what caught my attention was the way in which the Tories seem to want to keep Dion's French citizenship issue at play. And they use Dion's dog, Kyoto, to do it! Kyoto's blog entry starts like this:

On days like today, I wish we were in France!
And finishes like this:

Time for bed. I'll dream about France. St├ęphane tells me we will move back one day but I've heard him flip flop too many times before so I'll just keep dreaming for now.
I believe that Dion's first challenge as leader was to deal with the issue of his citizenship swiftly and decisively. He didn't. That's why Kyoto the dog is blogging about it today, and might be until the end of the next election.

UPDATE (12:36 pm): You know, this just occurred to me. The Tories must have started this campaign on the Senate bill believing that there are vested interests in the Liberal dominated Senate that are actively working against Dion's leadership interests. Why else would the Tories start a campaign the life of which would end the moment Dion gets the bill pushed through? In other words, there are Liberals in the Senate with no intention of letting him do so. And you have to wonder why.

I don't actually think this is just about the Senate term bill, or in fact just about Dion. Mme Herve-Peyeux (??) the Liberal Senate House Leader has been threatening for the last little while to hold up the budget implementation bill unless the Tories accept the Pablo Rodrigues bill, so I think it is really about the bigger issue of Senate control over the Government's legislative agenda. By extrapolation, of course, that meand Dion's control over the government's legislative agenda.


That's an interesting angle. I was about to shoot it down. However, making the unelected Senate a topic of public debate would help in thwarting any flexing of muscles on their part. Interesting. Thanks.


Senate reform and the supposed Liberal stalling on it is somehow supposed to show Stephane Dion is not a leader?

Get Real Dennis... you're disgracing the Non-Partisan Alliance with your Blogging Tory-like postings.

This is nothing but an obvious attempt by the Conservatives to change the channel from the failure known as Green Plan 2, as well as the Afghanistan debacle. We've got pundits in the Nat'l Post of all places saying they think the Tories have stuck out with this particular campaign.

As I said over my way, Canadians have seen this movie before. I doubt they'll get sucked in too many times more on this tactic.. and they certainly won't on Harper being miffed over a Senate "reform" bill that is nothing but a public relations stunt for the folks in Alberta.


I'm disgracing the non-partisans because I don't think much of Liberals right now and/or Dion? You're a disgrace with that line of reasoning, buddy.

Funny, but when Harper actually goes to Afghanistan he's accused of changing the channel on Afghanistan.

When Harper talks about the Liberal record on the environment, he's accused of changing the channel.

Even when he talks about the issues you want him to talk about, he's accused of changing the channel.

Dion apparently has no control over his own caucus. Please tell me how in the world that isn't an example of a lack of leadership?

And if it's not a big issue, why in the world are you having a fit over it?


I like Kyoto's blog. That's just cute.

Sorry, but I am a dog person ...


I believe that Dion is vowing to govern Canada from the opposition benches with this statement in a recent Liberal mailer I received entitled:

A Message From Liberal Opposition Leader Stephane Dion

The Conservative Budget: Much Less that Meets the Eye

.. and in the last paragraph this ominous declaration:

"The Liberal Opposition will ensure Canada is governed for the future, doing what we know is best for our country and for current and future generations of Canadians."

I see this as Dion's attempt to govern from the opposition benches, using the Liberal-dominated Senate if need be.

The Conservative attack on the Senate is also tied in with Dion's lack of leadership, and an attempt to break their connection.

It must be getting quite frustrating for Harper to implement his legislative agenda now that the Liberals and NDP are doing everything in their power to sabotage it ... and daring Harper to call another election.


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