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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The Mommy Mommy Party of Canada

Liberal leader Stephane Dion crying about something again in Parliament (Photo from
I see that yet another Liberal is resorting to a third party — this time the RCMP — to settle a dispute with a political opponent.

It's why I have started calling them the Mommy Mommy Party of Canada.

This has become a group of people completely incapable of direct confrontation with political opponents. From demanding apologies in the House, to crying over being touched on the shoulder, the Liberal Party of Canada has officially become an organization of professional crybabies.

Now, I'm not condoning what may have been written about Dosanjh in the disputed editorial. But why in the world does he need to go to the cops to deal with this guy? Why in the world can't he simply write an eloquent editorial denouncing him?

I'm not sure why Liberals have become like this. I suppose that when you're so used to being the authorities, you feel a need to resort to authorities even when you don' have power any longer.

However, it also means that you've now become the Mommy Mommy Party of Canada. A bigger bunch of wusses I don't think I've seen in a long time.

What's so rich about it, too, is that this is a party that has made into an art form the practice of dirty political attacks against opponents. From accusations of a hidden agenda, to attacks on people's Christianity, they have done more than their share of mudslinging while in office.

I guess it's just easier to do it when you have power, eh? When you're out of power, you just go, "Waaaaaaaa, Mommy!" Fascinating.

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