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Monday, May 21, 2007


Religious conservatives happy with Harper?

I have been noticing more stories in the press lately about an increasing number of conservatives who appear to be unhappy with the direction that the Harper government has taken while in office.

Well, I sure didn't notice it while I was watching Charles McVety's show last night.

He had Tristan Emmanuel as a guest. Citing Jerry Falwell as an inspiration, both men were extremely proud of their influence in getting a conservative politician like Stephen Harper elected. Not only that, but they were proud of Harper's record on moral issues.

Specifically, they cited raising the age of sexual consent and a hard line on marijuana as examples of policies cultural conservatives should be proud of. Although McVetey said that Harper was far from perfect, he seemed almost ecstatic at the thought that it's Harper whose in office now, as opposed to the moral leftists we've had in there for a long time.

So, next time you get another story from the media about how disgruntled conservatives are with Harper's record, remember that two of the leading pillars of the Christian conservative movement in Canada quite like what Harper is doing right now.

It would appear that it's not the ideological collapse that some in the media are making it out to be.

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