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Thursday, May 31, 2007


The real reason behind the Tory attack ads

There have been many explanations surrounding why the Tories have chosen to go with attack ads yet again. Some believe they simply tell the truth about Dion. Others believe they desperately hide a lack of a positive agenda on behalf of the government. I have provided some of my own analysis lately on the choice of strategy, too.

However, something struck me yesterday as I was thinking about it some more. It was confirmed today as I read Lawrence Martin's piece on Dion.

I have come to the conclusion that there is one primary reason why the Tories have decided to go after Dion hard: He can't take it.

And the Lawrence Martin piece only proves it.

In the very same breath, Stephane Dion is telling us that he's a gentleman while calling our prime minister a liar over and over again.


I'm sorry, but you simply cannot stand by both propositions together without being a liar yourself. If you're going to be a gentleman, you cannot go around calling your prime minister a liar simply because he has a different version of events than you do. It's called politics. It's what politicians do.

Yet Dion is far too personally offended to care about civility or propriety. So, he calls Stephen Harper a liar and doesn't care how it comes across. It's what offended people do. It's the kind of response the Tories have tried to provoke Dion into from the very start.

Going back six months, Stephane Dion was presented with his first challenge as leader when Ezra Levant of the Western Standard decided to attack Dion over his French citizenship. Do you remember how Dion responded to that attack? Well, he was personally outraged and couldn't believe that anyone would dare question his loyalty to his country. In other words, his first response was to be personally offended and lash out at his foes. He later had to retreat and his position on citizenship is still up in the air.

I believe that Harper's people took a huge lesson from that affair. They came to the conclusion that Dion could not take a punch, so they've been throwing many ever since. And, each and every time they do, Dion stares at them and starts yelling and screaming, "This is unfair! You don't know what you speak about! You must apologize! You are a bully! You are a liar! You must never act towards Stephane Dion the gentleman like that, you monster!" Or something to that effect.

So, when Harper's people woke up this morning, and saw that Dion decided to lash out in the same fashion in response to the latest round of attack ads from them, they must have simply sat back, lit a cigar, and enjoyed the fireworks. Their plan is working. Dion is unhinged. Dion is not a leader — at least not yet. And it's been six months. Makes you wonder when he's going to start getting it, if he ever will.

"This is unfair!" Indeed.

When Dion was elected or installed as the new Liberal leader, the MSM touted him as an educated man who would raise the level of political debate in Canada.

The day after he was elected and interviewed on CBC-CTV his very first words about Harper were "right wing, neocon, pro-Bush" and he repeated this for several weeks. He also claimed that the Conservative party did not represent "Canadian values", and this coming from somebody with a French passport.

Dion's bombast and bluster revealed what kind of person he was ... insecure and unable to present a confidence in himself. No wonder the Quebec media has labelled him "Le Rat"..!!

My suspicion is that Dion has had his inferiority complex from childhood because he was most likely bullied by others. He did not naturally gravitate to politics, but was invited by Chretien to join the Liberal party in 1996 together with Pettigrew.

Perhaps Dion's personal life reveals his insecurity, having adopted one child and no more by any other means. The man demands to be tenderly treated, even though he dishes out what can best be described as immature crap.

The Liberal crooks are desperate and it shows in their choice for leader. What will it take to topple this rotton entity, or will it self-destruct.


To be entirely honest with you, although I agree with your assessment, I don't think a Don Martin column in and of itself is proof of anything.

That being said, one of Dion's most pressing problems is his sense of self-importance. I think he could stand to take a step back from his ego for a minute, and reappraise some of his actions.

For example, never claim that people describe you as a "hero". That's rule #1. You got that, Stephane? Your opponents will use that moment of arrogance against you -- which is precisely what the new Tory attack ads do.

Secondly, if you want to accuse your opponents of being "liars", you'd better be sure they're actually lying. The ads in question note that Dion claims to support senate reform. Yet, he, as leader of the Liberal party, can't get his senators to stop obstructing that bill. Where is the leadership? If his own senators don't even take him seriously...


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