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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Was Harper right in the dying days of the campaign?

A news flash from today's Bourque Newswatch:


So reads a release: "Early this morning, the Ottawa RCMP arrested a male employee from Environment Canada for Breach of Trust under the Criminal Code for leaking secret draft legislation. On April 17, the RCMP Commercial Crime Section received a complaint from Environment Canada¹s security department that a draft secret copy of ³Climate Change Section of the Eco-Action Plan² had been released publicly. ³An employee who violates the terms of their workplace security clearance, including the release of secret documents, may be subjected to legal consequences,including criminal charges,² says Supt. Stan Burke, Officer in Charge, Financial Integrity, ³A² Division. The matter remains under investigation.
Frankly, I was waiting until something like this happened.

Remember when Harper was scolded in the dying days of the last election campaign for suggesting that a Liberal civil service would keep him in check?

Here's another question you might want to ask yourself: To what extent is Harper's agenda currently being sabotaged by an ideologically unfriendly bureaucracy.

Yes, I know, they're supposed to be perfect, just like judges. But I'm talking about reality here. And it just smacked one civil servant hard, it would seem.

UPDATE (3:40 pm): While I was reading more about this story here, a thought occurred to me. Could this be about the fax that was sent to the Liberal party by "mistake?"

Ok, must be getting old, I thought this was concerning the fax. Please enlighten me to what it is about then Dennis.


Well, I'd like to know, too. However, the article doesn't mention anything about the fax. I think there have been other leaks at other times regarding the Tory green plan. So, who knows? I'm sure we'll find out more about his soon.


Just about every policymaker, advisor, and politician finds himself tripped up by the bureaucracy. Interestingly, this complaint most often comes from the Blue parties.

Gee, I wonder why?


I suspect that the Liberals have several direct pipelines into the Liberal-infested, nepotistic civil service, divulging everything the Conservative government is preparing.


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