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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Why Liberals should be scared

While the Tories make inroads (h/t Political Staples) in the one region of the country where they can pick up a lot of seats —Quebec —the Liberals have done virtually nothing to do the same in the region where they can do the same — the West.

Electorally — and picking Dion as leader only entrenched this — the Liberals are forced to do what they've done for the past number of elections, which is to play defence. That's an awfully difficult way to form government from the opposition benches, and probably why a quick election will be more about preventing a Harper majority than it will be about giving the keys of power back to the Liberals.

Liberals have stopped thinking about the bigger picture. The potential damage to their brand could be devastating.

How much longer can the Liberals tolerate Dion's disasterous leadership? Surely Ignatieff must be labouring under the failed Dion, and he must be prepararing to assume the leadership of the Liberal party.

Will Ignatieff wait until after the next election, or will there be a Liberal party groundswell of opposition to Dion's leadership, and force him out before any election?

Neither scenario looks good for the floundering Liberals.


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