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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Isn't this what we want to happen in Iraq?

While many on the left and in the media — and in some conservative circles as well — have been gleefully declaring victory for the forces of darkness in Iraq, there's something going on over there that might yet fundamentally shift the nature of the struggle in the war-torn country.

Specifically, native Sunni Iraqis are turning on foreign-born Al Qaeda militants. This is important because it means that the most irreconcilable elements of the insurgency might be running out of places to hide. With the surge and the attempt by coalition forces to retake some of these militant strongholds, coupled with more and more local Sunnis having had enough of the bin Laden terrorists in their midst, there might be hope yet that the flame that has kept the insurgency alive is starting to burn out.

Perhaps even more importantly, with such an important dynamic possibly playing out at this crucial stage of the struggle, would it not be a tragic shame if those so eager to see America lose end up being successful in a campaign to start a premature withdrawal of combat forces?

If local Sunnis are starting to participate with coalition forces, that means most of the native Iraqi ethnic groups are participating in the free Iraq project. Isn't that what we've wanted all along? Even if it is late in coming, would it be too much to ask some people to cancel the Al Qaeda victory parades and give freedom any last shot it might have?

There is so much at stake here and still so much to play out. I just hope that the good guys won't have to look back and say they weren't given a full chance to save Iraqis and the world from the abyss. That's all.

Isn't this exactly what was supposed to happen waaaay back in the beginning though? Bremmer was warned that his decision to de-Baath Iraq would put 50,000 Sunni insurgents on the street the next week but he went ahead and made it impossible for Sunni's to work in the private and public sectors, including the military -- which included the entire officer corps.

"Local Sunni's" were willing to help the Americans a long time ago... it seems to me that the Americans, while finally getting around to dealing with the Sunni's, could have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble by admitting their mistake a few years ago.

I mean, Yay! that they're doing it now and everything, and it makes September even more interesting, but at some point the Americans are going to have to sit down and review a few processes in the system for the next time around.


Meanwhile Iran is arming the Iraqi Shi'ites and using them as their vanguard in Iraq. Should the US attack Iran, I have no doubt that Iraqi Shi'ites will immediately rise up against the US military in Iraq.

The Iranians will use the Shi'ites as they used Hezbollah in Lebanon. Will the US then call upon the Iraqi Sunni to fight along side to defeat the Iranian Shi'ite forces, or will the Sunnis just stand back and watch the US get hammered by hordes of suicide Shi'ites ???


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