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Monday, June 04, 2007


The left tries to salvage Dion's leadership

Read leftist Susan Riley's desperate attempt to rally fellow leftists around the cause of Liberal leader Stephane Dion. It's quite amusing.

The Tory criticism of Dion is that he's not a leader. During an entire piece where she's doing everything she can to argue the opposite, Riley doesn't provide one argument that he is in fact a leader.

Apparently, being a self-righteous snob who believes his own lies on the environment is the makings of a great leader. Who knew?

I also didn't read anywhere in Riley's article about how Dion, in a recent Lawrence Martin piece published in the Globe and Mail, referred to himself as a gentleman yet repeatedly called our prime minister a liar.

Riley tries to tell us that the Tories underestimate Dion to their peril. Well, what I've been trying to tell people for months now is that the Liberals and Dion better get their act together fast. I don't think they realize the trouble they're in, and if they don't do something fast, Dion will fall flat on his face during an election campaign.

National political leadership is an altogether different animal. You can be a decent guy with a decent resume and still be overwhelmed by the job. Yet, instead of recognizing this kind of challenge, the left prefers to blame it all on mean old Harper.

That's not leadership. It's an almost religious like devotion to an ideological cause. But it's not leadership. And it could hurt dearly in an election campaign against a proven foe.

The article is behind a subscription wall, but your post has enough of it that I get the gist..

All I can say is, GO DION GO!

We here in Alberta are finally seeing that he would be, as he says, much better for Albertans than our native son currently residing on 24 Sussex..

And with drone-like shills a la Riley and Cherniak extolling his virtues on a daily basis, it just can't get any better!

Can it?


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