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Monday, July 02, 2007


Ah, but liberal media bias is a myth, right?

How can you write an entire article about controversy at Elections Canada without mentioning the questionable circumstances under which its leader left?

Let's not forget that, when Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley resigned, all kinds of accusations were directed at Prime Minister Harper that suggested he forced Kingsley out for partisan reasons.

So, when new allegations surface suggesting that it was Kingsley himself that may have been the partisan, and his name isn't even mentioned once during the article, you have to ask: is this good journalism? And, if it isn't, you then have to ask yourself: is it because of liberal media bias?

I'll let you answer that last question.

Either liberal media bias or utter incompetence.


I know the media well enough to know that they don't leave something like that out because of incompetence.

If it would have hurt Harper, it would have been included. Believe me.


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