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Monday, July 09, 2007


Michael Moore engages in typical leftist tactics

Take a look at this footage of Michael Moore. He was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. They just finished playing for Moore a piece done by Sanjay Gupta, the cable news network's medical correspondent. Gupta's analysis is highly critical of some of the facts laid out in Moore's latest piece of fiction, "Sicko."

What does Moore say in defence of himself? Absolutely nothing. Instead, he engages in a tactic you often see on the left: He spends almost all his airtime attacking CNN over Iraq instead of justifying his initial attacks on Gupta.

Near the end of his desperate tirade, Moore asks people to visit his Web site, where he said he will counter Gupta's analysis with facts. Well, I went over to and I couldn't find such a page. I even did a Google search. Nothing as of now.

So, for someone who so quickly denounced CNN's piece on "Sicko," and who pronounced mightily that he'd get the truth out as quickly as possible, all we have so far from the leftist is personal attacks and distractions.

Remember that the next time a radical leftist preaches to you. Always get the facts. Always ignore the desperation. Those are rules I try to follow with untrustworthy ideologues.

UPDATE (7:45 am): Well, shortly after I wrote the above, Michael Moore does post a response to the Gupta piece.

It hardly justifies the tirade Moore launched into against poor Blitzer.

Like always, Moore's defence is one of perspective. He has his own stats to back up his own claims, and he puts his own spin on them. For that matter, Gupta did the same thing.

Yet, for people like Moore, shades of grey are not good enough. Even though he uses all sorts of shades of colors to defend his position, he acts as though his truth is the only one that matters. It's his white that counts, and all those who disagree belong into the dark black category.

I don't know much about Gupta, but I know a lot about Michael Moore. The guy is a liar. So, if there's some dispute over shades of grey, I'll take Gupta's account. Thank you.

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