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Thursday, August 23, 2007


The 'Save Dion' campaign continues

How many times can leftists and other Dion apologists keep making the same arguments over and over again? (h/t nnw)

Yes, we know he stood up to the sovereigntists. Yes, we know that he came from behind to win a leadership race nobody wanted to win. Yes, we know that he banged a gavel at a UN environmental conference.

But I guess those on the left can't help but be romantic about their precious leaders.

If you notice, not one of these apologias contain even one analysis of his leadership ability. Writing letters and letting others make all the big decisions is one thing. Running a governing alternative is another. So far, I don't see any sign that Dion understands what his new job entails.

As leader, he has flip-flopped on his French citizenship, changed his position on Afghanistan a number of times, been insincere about his role in crafting Harper's motion on Quebec, completely misplayed the environmental file, made an alliance with a fourth-rate party, and accused the prime minister of engaging in a vast right-wing conspiracy. And his English still sucks after spending a decade in Ottawa.

But I guess the left will always religiously give their leaders the benefit of the doubt. You sure know they'd never ever do the same with Harper, or any other politician who dared to be a conservative.

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