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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Speaking of writing

One of my "gigs" is covering the specialty toy retail business in the States. The news that yet more toys made in China are being recalled will send shockwaves throughout the industry.

Retailer after retailer — and even manufacturers — I speak with routinely display open frustration with the reality that China is dominating the manufacturing end of the business. Yes, it's incredibly cheap to produce the stuff over there. Yet, as we're seeing almost on a monthly basis now, even the major toy companies are being burned by setting up shop over there. Let's not even get into the problems that the small fry are encountering, too.

Yes, China wants to be a world superpower. Yet it is clearly going through some major growing pains, as are those who feel they have no choice but to deal with them.

Why didn't Mattel do some testing on the toys they were importing from China? Did they just depend on the Chinese to meet the safety specifications, and thus relieved them of costly testing in N America?

Mattel obviously chose to profit greatly instead of assuring child safety, and they should be put out of business.



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