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Friday, August 24, 2007


When will the reasoned Iraq debate come to Canada?

Charles Krauthammer tells us of the sanity that has started to prevail on debate concerning Iraq. My question is: When will this debate finally reach Canada?

I was startled at the extent to which even conservative pundits here were gleeful at Michael Ignatieff's sort-of reversal on Iraq.

Think about that spectacle for a moment. At a time when American, Iraqi, and coalition men and women might be saving the freedom project in Iraq, the Canadian chattering class was scolding a prominent supporter of the invasion for not trashing the effort sooner.

A more sorry chapter in our foreign policy narrative I cannot think of at the moment.

UPDATE (5:02 am): Mind you, I don't even think we're having a reasoned debate on Afghanistan for the moment, and that was supposed to be the kind of war the left keeps telling us is the good war. Oh well.

I believe that Iraq has been and will be critical to the success in Afghanistan. Despite logic or facts, people — at least outside the U.S. — have morphed the two into one. Whatever happens in the former will inevitably impact the latter. It's been true and I believe it will continue to be true in a way not openly acknowledged very often.

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