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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Dalton McGuinty is more desperate than you think

I was over at Cherniak's blog recently where I came across the notion again that Dalton McGuinty is some kind of political genius. I don't know why Dalton McGuinty gets so much respect. Oh, wait a minute, I know why. It's those blasted pre-election polls that say almost nothing about how Liberals do during actual election campaigns.

Apart from Dalton McGuinty's actual record as a politician, which reveals far more mediocrity than is generally recognized about the man, his recent position on religious schools funding should also reveal that he's currently a far more desperate politician than people realize.

Dalton McGuinty believes he can win the next election by essentially establishing two things: that we're better off now than we were before — despite the lies; and that his opponent, John Tory, represents a return to that apparently awful past.

It's that last part that particularly reveals the desperation of the McGuinty Liberals. They feel it necessary to paint John Tory as a Mike Harris clone in order to win the next election. That's why McGuinty is trying to make religious schools funding about creating a so-called divisive society.

But anyone who knows anything about John Tory knows he's not Mike Harris. For one thing, people within the PC Party itself, who loved Mike Harris, aren't too keen on John Tory. Why? Because they think John Tory is a Liberal! Even McGuinty apologist numero uno, Warren Kinsella, tried to help get Tory elected as mayor of Toronto. Yes, you read that correctly.

All of this reflects a fundamental attitude that the Dalton McGuinty Liberal have of voters. Basically, they think you're stupid. They think they can lie to you and you'll just sit there and take it. They think they can scare you into thinking that the anti-Mike Harris Tory is a Mike Harris Tory (forgive the puns that might be in there somewhere).

That a man like Dalton McGuinty feels it necessary to resort to these tactics is not a sign of strength. He is and will probably always be a mediocre politician who uses some classic Liberal tactics in order to get and hold power.

It's why, when I was over at Cherniak's blog, I essentially told Conservatives that they'd be wise not to give McGuinty too much respect. He's not anything he's cracked up to be. More likely, he's vulnerable to cracking under the pressure of being exposed as the dishonest and mediocre political leader that he actually is.

UPDATE (3:55 pm): As the comments reveal, Jason Cherniak won't allow a link to this post in his own comments section. Does this reveal the McGuinty Liberals to be a confident bunch, folks? It's like I said above, don't give these people too much respect. They literally don't deserve it. And when you dig beneath the surface, they're not nearly as self-assured as they seem. Actually, they're kind of desperate. Based on their record, I don't blame them.

Sorry, but I'm not going to approve a comment that is nothing but an advertisement for your site.


It's a link that expands upon a point I specifically made on your site, and I provides a link back to your site, too. Thanks for the generosity.

Or is it that you're terrified of the message in this post?

You know, for a gang that considers itself a bunch of geniuses, you guys sure are scared of something.


Or is it that you're terrified of the message in this post?

You've hit the nail on the head, Dennis. The message in this post is not filtered by him, so Jason doesn't want his followers to see it. It speaks volumes of his lack of confidence in his own views.


Liberal rats on a sinking ship are biting back. Jason is a twerp lawyer who sucks Dion's.


What did you expect? Of course, Cherniak would consider McGuinty a genius. You know, like two patients at a mental asylum who would also see themselves as sane and the rest of the world as having gone nuts.


Well, the thing is that it's just not Liberal apologists who are attributing to McGuinty all these political smarts he's supposed to have. Even Conservatives tend to respect him more than they should, in my opinion.

I actually think Tory is on the right track on some of his messaging. He's calling McGuinty the world's biggest promise breaker. It suggests he's a liar without actually saying it. That's good. Focusing on leadership is good, since it's one of the last things we'll ever see from McGuinty.

I just hope Tory doesn't respect McGuinty like others tend to. It means he'll get away with things he shouldn't.

For example, Dalton signing his name on the campaign platform. I'd jump on that right away. If Dalton has shown us anything, it's that his signature isn't worth the piece of paper it's written on.


Agreed. There's absolutely nothing McGuinty deserves anyone's respect for.

Besides, under his watch, Ontario is slipping into have-not status (I think Ontario has already achieved that, but they're keeping it quiet for now).


McGuinty sucks so does your blog


Greetings from your Premier
I love weeds, because I look like one.

I will soon declare myself Emperor of Ontario.

I will remove your health care since I can afford to get mine south of the border.

I would like you all to pay more tax, so I can give myself and my friends another big fat pay increase.

You will soon refer to me as all mighty McGuilty.

You will soon receive HST rebate bribes, but thats ok since the Federal government is paying for it and I will take it back from you ten fold.

Starting next month all Ontarians must bow at my feet.

I have decided that all Ontarians are hiding weapons of mass destruction and there fore must be liberalated.

I will soon impose an eco fee on the air breathed in Ontario.

Following the robbery of Ontarians through the clever HST scheme, construct will begin on my Palace.

If you do not like any of this, or anything else I decide to do, you can leave my Province.

Oh yeah, the province will soon be renamed McGuiltio.

Duhton McGuilty


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