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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Dion just doesn't get it

It's all about leadership, folks. This is what Liberal leader Stephane Dion lacks. This is what he still fails to understand as he engages in his makeover tour after three terrible byelection losses in Quebec.

Think about it. If he has leadership competence, then people forget about all the personality flaws. It's what happens with almost all good leaders. Does anyone consider Prime Minister Harper to be a charmer? Of course not. Yet he's extraordinarily competent, which is why he's still in a relatively strong position as leader of this country.

On the other hand, all you hear from Dion is that he needs to better present himself, put himself on the line, apologize more, and let the real personality show. No, Mr. Dion. You need to start showing some competence. You let a Liberal stronghold riding crash at the hands of the NDP, and you have not shown anyone that you or your party are even close to running the country again.

I have been critical of Dion as leader almost from the start. Yet even I'm amazed at the fact that, almost a year after taking the job, he still doesn't get it. Given his performance since the byelection losses, I'm more convinced than I ever have been that he never will.

This is the guy thumping for an election? No wonder Harper looks as relaxed as he's ever been. Look at who he's up against.

Dion is a lost cause, a blind man stranded on an ice floe can see that.


Well, I think he's doing a GREAT job!

Steady as she goes, so they say..


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