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Saturday, September 01, 2007


The Globe and Mail should talk

While I agree with this editorial on Afghanistan (h/t nnw), which criticizes Dion and the opposition for shamelessly politicizing our mission there, what I find a bit rich is that it comes from the Globe and Mail. No organization — apart from the Liberal party, of course — is more responsible for politicizing the mission than the Globe is over Taliban allegations of prisoner abuse.

For weeks they hyped up dubious allegations in order to raise doubts about our mission. Then they turn around and blast Dion for joining them in the effort to use Afghanistan as a political football? My goodness.

The Globe appears to have toned down its act because they see Harper backing away from combat in Afghanistan beyond early 2009. Yet I hardly think they should be pointing fingers at anybody when it comes to doing what's right for Canada and Afghanistan.

They got Harper to back off. They achieved their political goal. Now they want to obstruct Dion's? Whatever.

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