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Friday, September 28, 2007


Has Team Dion tipped its hand?

Does the fact that two Stephane Dion loyalists have come out against forcing a fall election mean anything? Well, for reasons I have already stated, I think it means that Dion is better off avoiding a fall election, and that some of the people most closely associated with him are trying to push the debate in that direction.

Politicians usually do what's in their best interests. And it's in Dion's best interests to live for another day, even if it further weakens his leadership, than it is to get blamed for an unnecessary election that the party is still clearly not ready to fight.

Remember, Dion still wants to prove he's the right guy for the job. He has no desire to follow anyone else's agenda. He doesn't want to force an election just for the sake of forcing an election. He wants to win an election, so he'll do what he can to put his party in the best position to do so. That time is not right now, and even he knows that. He may not be a good leader, but he's not stupid.

Well, at least some prominent Dion supporters seem to agree with me that a fall election is not in their best interests. They're looking out for their leader. So is their leader.

We really have to stop agreeing like this. :)


Won't the Dippers have fun saying
'you had a chance to stop Harper, but you didn't, Libs are more concerned about winning than they are about the environment or Canadians'.
Jack will rub Dion's nose in it every chance he gets.

But, underestimating the Liberal party can be fatal.
The Libs have governed with stolen NDP and Con ideas for years.
And Rae and Brison have been building a party platform for 10 months.
If they come out with a strong platform, the Liberal brand is strong enough that
Big Bird could lead the party to a win.


Hey Lance,

Although it doesn't appear that we were right regarding a Tory-NDP deal on the environment, were we?

There is this battle occurring on the left as to who's doing the most to help Harper.

Since bringing Paul Martin down, Jack Layton has been on the losing side of that argument. Clearly, he wants that to end, which is why he doesn't want to go anywhere near passing anything on the Harper agenda.

If Dion abstains on the throne speech, he will then be on the losing side of that argument, and his leadership will be weaker than ever. However, I still think he'll live to fight another day, which is the most important thing for a politician.


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