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Monday, September 10, 2007


The McGuinty signature fiasco all over again?

Blogging memo to Team John Tory:

Here's an item you guys might want to take a note of. I know I would. Yeah, I know, it's my item, but....


It's understandable that Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory would include his signature on the party's campaign logo and platform. He's running against Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's record as the worst liar in political campaign history, so you make your own integrity an issue. Completely understandable.

Here's an image of John Tory's signature (at least half of it) on the party's platform:

What I don't get is why Dalton McGuinty would do the exact same thing!

Yes, you read that right. The same man who signed his name to to a platform-central pledge that he would:

a) not raise taxes

b) not run a deficit

c) hold a referendum if he didn't abide by a) or b)

is the same man who launched his current campaign with his own signature on his own platform.

Here is the McGuinty signature on the platform book:

In case some of you don't remember, here is McGuinty at the signing ceremony four years ago:

Here is McGuinty the other day with the same signature on yet another bunch of campaign promises, which we have to assume are just another pack of lies:

I mean, that's like a cheque forger coming back to the same teller saying it's really his signature this time — honest.

If I were John Tory — and I know that I'm not — I'd make a big deal out of McGuinty's signature on his platform book.

If anyone has shown us that his signature isn't worth the piece of paper it's written on, especially during all-important election campaigns, it's Dalton McGuinty.

Election campaigns are the only times when Canadian voters put elected officials under scrutiny. Last time, McGuinty lied and put his signature on it to boot. Will Ontarians let the same thing happen again?

See you in thirty days.

PS. Can anyone tell me why finding an image of McGuinty signing that pledge four years ago is like finding a promise kept in McGuinty's last election platform? I mean, it's like someone scrubbed it clean off the face of the Internet. I found the above image at the Web site of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation, and even that one's not the greatest. For an event that will go down in campaign history as one of the most notorious, I don't know why it's not documented more clearly in Google's image search. Weird. Is it because I have the safe search on moderate? Would Google consider record-breaking lies as profanity? Who knows?

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