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Sunday, September 23, 2007


McGuinty - the weaknesses keep showing

I think Christina Blizzard's latest does a pretty good job of confirming what I've been saying about Dalton McGuinty all along. He's the most overrated politician in Canada.

I'm not exactly sure why McGuinty is respected for his political skills. As the debate showed, he's a mediocre man who's only hope of hanging onto power is to have Ontarians sleep during the election. It's why his only real accomplishment as premier has been to buy peace with public sector unions at taxpayer expense. He hopes the resulting silence is mistaken for prosperity and good governance.

I've said this before. I'll say it again. McGuinty barely clings to competence. His people aren't that smart. If you push them, they can't push back with much effect.

It's why I have always feared that John Tory is simply too nice a guy and, along with the media, gives McGuinty too much respect as a politician.

Nevertheless, I haven't seen any polls since the debate. I find that rather curious. My hunch is that Tory made some ground as a result of his performance. Against a man of McGuinty's limited skills, I just wonder if Tory should be doing better.

There are things to be done in this province. I believe that John Tory is far more competent to do the job than Dalton McGuinty is. Heck of a lot more honest, too. Is it a message that came across during the debate? Yes. Is it enough? Well, it depends if Ontarians are snoozing to the tune of Dalton McGuinty's lullaby, or if they're ready to wake up and listen to what John Tory is singing. Stay tuned.

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