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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Only competence will solve Dion's problems

I'm going to disagree with Shelia Copps' analysis of Stephane Dion's problems.

All political leaders face challenges from rivals. Stephen Harper has endured it, especially while in opposition. It's one reason why Belinda Stronach backstabbed him. Remember?

There were other numerous challenges to his leadership as well. Obscure riding officials openly questioned his ability to grow the party. Former enemies like Joe Clark said Harper would never be prime minister. Remember?

The point is that leaders will face challenges, especially from within their own party when things aren't going as expected in opposition. The only way to deal with them, like Harper did, is to let your actions and results speak for themselves.

Harper went on to do surprisingly well in two elections, finally gaining entry into the Prime Minister's Office.

If Dion wants to do the same, he can't cry about what his enemies are doing. He has to shut them up by starting to perform. It's tough in opposition, but it's the job he took. Start doing it, or start letting those leadership rivals prepare their bids for your job. It's as simple as that.

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