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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The Throne Speech

Here's my take.

Basically, Stephane Dion has boxed himself into a corner when it comes to public messaging on the throne speech.

Almost everyone is now of the opinion that Harper has done nothing to provoke an election. And Dion has been on record for many days now that he doesn't want an election either.

So, any change of mind tomorrow would basically be seen as an election provocation by the Liberal leader.

I suppose he could finesse some concerns he has with the speech, and ask the government to change its mind.

Yet it's difficult to change course when you've been paddling down stream all this time. It's even tougher when you're in a weakened state and others in the boat don't want to turn around either, and have been told all along that they won't have to anyhow.

That's why I think Dion has boxed himself in and is in no position to break loose.

In other words, an election provocation by Dion will be seen as desperate and unpopular — in large part because of how Dion has setup the showdown himself.

He almost has no choice but to eat what Harper is feeding him. A more weakened state I could not imagine for a political leader right now. That's quite an achievement. Congratulations.

Let me put in a language that even Liberals will understand:

Liberals are screwed!


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