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Friday, December 21, 2007


Penny Lane and the magic of the Internet

I was doing some casual research on the Beatles last night. Among other things, I was reminded of my love of the song Penny Lane.

The first time I ever heard that song was during an old episode of Fame. It wasn't a Beatles version.

I had odd recollections of who sung it during that episode and why. I just remember an attractive young man who got up, stood in front of everyone, and sung his heart out.

I wasn't even a big fan of Fame. There must have not been anything else on TV that night.

I had never heard the song before. I had no clue at the time that it was a Beatles song. I just thought it was an amazing tune performed brilliantly for a TV show.

It was a song, performance, and scene that has stuck with me for all this time.

Lo and behold, I found a video of that scene this morning.

It's a bit different than how I remember it. And he was an Osmond. Who knew? But it was a pretty cool rendition of a classic song — at least for 80's prime time.

So, roughly two decades after first being mesmerized by a song and a scene in a TV show, I find that exact same TV scene again.

The magic of the Internet indeed.

UPDATE (12:53 pm): The video I linked to above had embedding disabled. This one doesn't, so here it is:

It's obvious that a music video was made from this TV scene. It's why Much Music logos appear near the bottom. I guess others were impressed by the performance, too. So it wasn't just me.

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