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Friday, December 28, 2007


Who was the real Benazir Bhutto?

Was Benazir Bhutto an impressive and courageous force for liberalism in her otherwise backwards homeland? Or was she a corrupt and fraudulent con artist who sent her country even further backwards for personal gain?

A reading of the two conflicting accounts linked to above also provides a glimpse into the differences between liberals and conservatives in how they see the world.

Being conservative myself, I obviously lean towards the latter. You see, instead of being impressed by charisma, style, and ideology, I prefer to analyze cold hard facts and history. And, on that score, there's no denying the reality.

However courageous and liberal she was in demeanour and outlook, she was a force for corruption and regression in her actual conduct. That's what matters — not what she says or how she says it.

Liberals are far too impressed with superficiality when it involves an ideological ally. That's how they approached Bhutto. That's how she fooled them.

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