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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


John Edwards

I find it rather amusing to read what some people have to say about today's John Edwards, candidate for the Democrat Party presidential nomination:

Hillary is not going to do well with Bruce Stone, however.

Tuesday he told me he was backing Chris Dodd. And if Dodd fails to be a viable candidate Thursday night, Stone will back John Edwards.

“It is not time for a centrist; it is time for a real liberal,” Stone said.

In fact, it wasn't all that long ago that John Edwards was actually fashioning himself as a Bill Clinton style centrist Democrat.

Yet nobody seems to remember this. That I can't account for. Yet, what I think I can account for is why his flip-flop happened.

At some point, Edwards must have realized that, if he wanted to run for president, he'd have to go up against Hillary. And he'd never be able to "out-centrist" or "out-Clinton" a Clinton. So, he all of a sudden became a lefty. And it seems as though many people have bought it, including the lefties. Fascinating.

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