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Sunday, January 06, 2008



I watched both presidential debates on ABC last night. Yes, that's how I spent my Saturday night.

By the way, I agree with others that Charles Gibson did a terrific job of holding both sets of candidates to account on their weak issues. That's how it should be done. As someone who leans conservative, it always seems like it's only the conservatives that are held to account. Not last night.

On the GOP side, I wasn't too pleased with John McCain's spit balls at Mitt Romney, whose flip-flopping could have been attacked more directly and less childishly.

However, what struck me most after both debates was the extent to which Barack Obama wasn't really saying anything. He keeps talking about change and hope, but provides almost no specifics as to how he hopes to achieve any of it.

Which leads me to believe that one of two things are at play. He's either an empty shell, or he wants to pull in moderate Republicans into his electoral coalition. And he can't do the latter very well during a Democratic primary race, which is why he might be holding off on specifics for the time being.

If I'm right, then what he might have in mind are endorsements from Republicans after he wins the Democratic nomination, perhaps some policy proposals that are more conservative in nature.

Otherwise, the Obama phenomenon is one of the emptiest I've seen in a while. The guy isn't saying much of anything, and people are eating it up like hot cakes. At some point, they're going to get sick of it want more fibre in their diet. Obama ain't providing that substance, at least not yet.

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