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Friday, June 20, 2008


Getting partisans excited again

There are many dynamics involved with Stephane Dion's decision to unveil his carbon tax plan yesterday. One that I haven't seen anyone discuss yet is the impact this will have on party fundraising.

While the plan will almost certainly keep the Conservative money machine motivated and rolling, I also suspect that Liberals donors might start opening their wallets in support of Dion's most recent initiative. I think many Liberals still like Dion, like his plan, and might be willing to do their part to give both a chance.

The only possible snag is that this carbon plan could be discredited before it gets going, or some prominent Liberals will publicly oppose it. Given that I think the carbon tax plan might help Dion within the party, you actually might see some factions work to nip that possibility in the bud. We'll see.

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