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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Iraq's parliament prepares to leave Green Zone

That's the headline for this story in Reuters.

Now, they're moving next door, and I'm sure there will be no shortage of security. However, leaving the fortress and entering a much more publicly accessible site has to be considered yet more good news coming from Iraq.

I know that nobody likes to talk about the good news. And, who knows, this move may yet be delayed or cancelled. It might even backfire with a horrific breakdown in security.

But I prefer hope to defeatism. And I believe that these kinds of stories are about hope.

By the way, I also can't help but think that one of the reasons why some people don't want to talk about the good news is that, well, the more of it there is coming out of Iraq, the harder it gets for Obama.

After all, the surge has pretty much been a success, Obama was against it all the way, while McCain was for it well before Bush was. One of the more interesting dynamics for the presidential race in the fall.

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