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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Relaunches don't make leaders

You know, while some are going ga-ga over Stephane Dion's latest promise to fix the world, I couldn't help but be impressed with the prime minister's unheralded press conference today in cottage country.

I actually haven't heard him speak in a while. But the guy I saw on camera today looks nothing like the guy that the media keeps suggesting is on the defensive and who apparently resorts to the most juvenile of tactics 24/7.

As Harper mentioned in that press conference, what was supposed to be the tightest minority in history has been a very productive once since last fall. And the opposition has done nothing but engage in one accusation of scandal after another — none of which has materialized into anything substantive.

And the one thing they do come up with is a tax on fuel and gas when prices are already going through the roof. Again, as Harper said, the opposition has become intellectually bankrupt.

In case anyone didn't notice, the only real reason that Dion is unveiling a carbon tax he once opposed is to salvage his hitherto laughable performance as opposition leader.

These are the kinds of narratives that are exposed in an election campaign, not the sensationalized week-long stories we've been getting from the opposition and the media lately.

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