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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Should the National Post be publishing Conrad Black articles?

I am currently reading Conrad Black's biography of Richard Nixon. Having researched and written the book certainly makes Black an expert on the topic, which is why I found his article in today's National Post to be a very good read (This broken page is the only one I could find on the National Post's Web site).

In the article, Black defends Nixon against another biography — this one written by a more vociferous Nixon "hater", as Black would put it. In fact, I agree with much of what Black has to say in defence of Nixon.

However, as intelligent as Black is, and as capable as he is of writing in just about any publication he wants, I have to say that I have problems with the National Post for publishing articles written by a convicted felon — who is currently serving time for fraud and obstruction of justice.

You know that if the Toronto Star was giving a convicted leftist a voice in their newspaper, many on the right would be going ballistic. But that part of the political spectrum usually on the side of law and order seems to be pretty silent on the National Post and Conrad Black. I wonder why?

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