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Sometimes one has to step back, take pause, and have some "second thots"

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ya don't say

US now winning Iraq war. When was the last time that concept was entertained by the mainstream media?

A lot of people wanted to throw Iraq under the bus a few years ago. Good thing that the people who matter most never gave up. Maybe next time they'll get more support for a good cause. You never know.

I have also been of the opinion that general impressions of the war will change again as the facts on the ground become more permanent. That might mean that, at the very least, Americans will no longer see the war as a mistake. Don't know if that'll happen before the presidential election, especially with the media in the tank for Obama like they are right now.

You see, opinions of wars change. Maybe some people should remember that before they try to sell short-term opinion polling as unchanging historical fact.

In other words, we may have reached a turning point in the Iraq war as well as how most people will eventually regard this chapter in history.

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