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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


On the topic of Iggy again...

Hey, he wants to make himself the topic of choice, doesn't he?

To that end, this Globe and Mail editorial hits upon a challenge that results from Mr. Ignatieff's push towards an election.

Specifically, Iggy keeps telling us that "we can do better" but he never tells us how. He just tells us to "wait and see." But if you're going to promise a lot, which it seems he is, then you raise expectations so high that it's hard to see how he ever delivers, isn't it?

In politics, the rule is usually to set expectations low, and then exceed them. Yet the Liberal leader seems intent on doing it the other way — to set expectations high, and hope for the best.

Is this a blueprint for political success, or a recipe for disaster?

Or, as I've speculated before, is he banking on being bailed out by another party leader with perhaps less chutzpah?

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