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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Iggy confirms it: He's just visiting

OK, so I'm reading John Ibbitson's column today in the Globe and Mail about Iggy's perils as opposition leader. Interesting enough. However, just as I'm about to close the tab, the last two one-line paragraphs jump out at me like, well, like a foreigner in a crowd:

And where will the Liberal Leader be a year from now?

“That's up to the Canadian people.”

Now, I'm not sure what the direct quote is of the question being asked of the Iggy. However, if it's close to what Ibbitson has written, then we have yet more evidence that the Iggster just doesn't get it.

That's because, if Iggy has any political smarts at all — and he should by now — he should have answered the question thusly:

"I will be serving the Canadian people in any capacity they choose."

The way he seems to have answered the question suggests that he might be somewhere other than Canada. In other words, and just as the Tories have been suggesting all along, Mr. Ignatieff might well just be visiting us for the time-being. And that's the last thing he wants to be saying if he wants to be our prime minister, isn't it?

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