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Monday, March 08, 2010


So much for hope and change

Here is what top Obama adviser David Axelrod had to say about living up to a major theme of their election campaign, which, of course, was supposed to be about hope and change, wasn't it:
Have I succeeded in reversing a 30-year trend of skepticism and cynicism about government? I confess that I have not. Maybe next year.
Maybe next year. Did you get that? Because I certainly didn't get that part during the campaign. I don't recall anyone saying, "Hope and change — maybe next year!"

A Presidential term is 4 years, complain in 2012 if nothing has changed.


The gentleman you quoted is being ironic. You see, it is difficult to reverse a 30 year trend in one year. 'Maybe next year' is a bittersweet kind of joke. He is acknowledging the difficulty of changing 30 years of cynicism while optimistically hoping to get it done 'next year'. Mr. Axelrod actually doesn't believe he will do it next year either and his overly formal answer indicates he expects the reader to understand. It is far from uncommon for persons to use formal construction to indicate an underlying message that may in fact run contrary to the obvious message.


So, in other words, the campaign was one big lie?


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