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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


When your political opponents change the channel for you (UPDATED)

Just watched a preview of tonight's CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson. I thought it was for sure going to be about the "fake lake" hoopla and other fiscal shenanigans surrounding the upcoming global summits. Instead, Craig Oliver will be giving us his take on the rumours swirling about regarding possible merger between the Liberal and NDP parties. Given that I doubt that these latest rumours are random in origin, Conservatives have to be loving the fact that their opponents are changing the channel for them. Isn't this what divided conservative parties used to do for Liberals in Canada? My, how times change.

UPDATE: Which leads to this zinger by the prime minister himself:

"They talk about a fake lake," Harper said, in reference to the uproar over an artificial pool being constructed at the summit media centre in Toronto. "What we're learning from these coalition talks is that they've got a fake party over there."

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