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Monday, July 23, 2012


Obama could easily recover from his "you didn't build that" comment...

...if he were to come out and strongly praise the individual hard work and responsibility involved in building, growing  and maintaining a successful business. Yet he hasn't done that, has he.

UPDATE: Looks like Team Obama has finally decided to take my advice:

Beyond the question of who will believe what about Obama's comments, there is something else about what he has said, and the terminology liberals use in general.

Specifically, they talk about doing things "together." I'm not exactly sure what that means, beyond the reality that, for them, it always involves some form of government intervention. But if something involves the government, does it really mean we're doing it "together?"

In fact, I don't think it can possibly mean we're doing something "together" because there have to exist some individuals that are against what's being done. It's called dissent. Which is why using words like "together" and "we all" always has a collectivist or socialist ring to to it when I hear them.

Politicians don't always speak for me, and I don't think I appreciate it when they say they do.  

Alternatively, there are genuine examples of people working together that don't involve government coercion. In other words, we don't need government to get things done collectively. But we never seem to hear that from Obama and friends.

The "you didn't build that" comment was taken completely out of context, for political purposes.


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