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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Gerard Kennedy calls PM a racist

While trying to make the argument that Stephen Harper was engaging in "drive-by smears", get a load of the accusation that Liberal Gerard Kennedy throws at the prime minister on CTV's Question Period today:

"Why was he picking on people that wear turbans, that look different?"

This is what Gerard Kennedy said in relation to some of Stephen Harper's comments in the House of Commons. In other words, Kennedy is accusing the prime minister of being a bigot and a racist. So very civil and fair of you, Mr. Kennedy.

Gerard Kennedy is a knee-jerk hypocrite. He has the audacity to cry about Harper's attacks while throwing that kind of racist allegation at Harper. Kennedy is supposed to be a new federal Liberal, yet he acts just like the old guard.

Have you not learned a thing from the last election? Do you have no shame? Is there no depths to which you'll sink in your desperate quest to retake power again? Unbelievable.

By the way, I'm also a bit sick and tired of Conservatives like Goldy Hyder sitting there and taking this crap. While whining for an apology like Liberals do isn't called for, pointing out the utter hypocrisy of Liberals like Gerard Kennedy is. They give out ten times worse than Harper does, yet cry ten times louder when attacked. Hold them to account for this stuff. Don't just sit there like a doofus with a Conservative title in front of your name. Be sharp and punch back hard, like your leader Harper does.

UPDATE (Mon. March 26, 9:01 pm): Kennedy is at it again.

The MSM should taken to task in their blatant bias in not reporting Liberal slurs, while Conservative ones always are.
The Liberals are hypocrits if want us to believe they've never attacked anyones integrety. Just ask Stocwell Day or Preston Manning. For them to now cry foul, and have the MSM appear to be on their side is "not fair"


It's maddening to hear this stuff, but it's sadistic fun to watch Kennedy, who once seemed like an idealistic person of principle, morph into the typical lib lizard?
Well, i like it.


If they can dish it out mega times, then the Conservatives should be able to take it.

You are making much ado about nothing here - Kennedy has every right to complain with Harper's bigoted statements.


What you and Gerard Kennedy are accusing Harper of is WAY worse than anything Harper has said recently. You just called him a bigot. What could be worse than that?

And this from a party and a group of people that act like the end of the world is near whenever Harper dares to say even a fraction of what hypocrites like Kennedy can dish out.

Dion said he wants to take the high road. Will he demand an apology from Kennedy? I know I won't be holding my breath waiting for that one.


I don't see how this is way worse than saying the Liberals are sympathetic to the Taliban, are anti-Israel or have malevolent intentions on national security.

Kennedy, his supporters, and campaign workers have been under intense persecution from the likes of Stephen Harper, Pierre Poilievre, and Jonathan Kay recently and to expect Kennedy to be nice about the whole thing is a bit rich. As is the annoying partisan hyperbole of your post.

Should Kennedy have held his tongue, perhaps, but the larger issue here is that Harper seems to have chosen to steer the discourse into the gutter and naturally the rest of the debate will follow that of the Prime Minister.

The dangers of polarization can be seen in the U.S. and I think it's pretty obvious that we're well on our way in Canada to reach the same point.

Depressing... it may help Harper win a future election but if it keeps up I just won't be able to have the same kind of respect I had for Harper when he won the election in 2006.


If the Liberals are so hostile about being called to task by Harper they need look no further than their own track record on supporting groups such as the Tamil Tigers and Hezbollah. Then look at the Liberal support for the Canadian Forces over the decade+ that they were in power. Harper is not making slurs, he is speaking the truth. Liberal hypocrites continue to show what an embarrassment to Canada they are. Way to go PMSH! Now there is a REAL Leader!



Dan, Harper said the Liberals have shown more sympathy for the rights of Taliban prisoners than the welfare of Canadians soldiers. He's right.

He said Liberal leadership hopefuls had becoming increasingly anti-Israel. Iggy's war crimes comment proved that.

Malevolent intentions on national security? Ah yes, the Liberals have never accused political opponents of malevolent intentions on anything (Hidden Agenda, cough cough)

No single party has done more to polarize politics than the Liberal party has over the course of the last decade. From pointing guns in Canadians' faces to suggesting Harper is un-Canadian, you guys have played hardball and then some.

Yet you only see it one way, don't you? Only Liberals are allowed to play hard, yet Harper has to sit there and take it.

That's the kind of Canada you Liberals want, and Harper is telling you guys to fuck yourselves. Good for him, and good for freedom in Canada.


" Harper said the Liberals have shown more sympathy for the rights of Taliban prisoners than the welfare of Canadians soldiers. He's right."

That's why the Liberal government committed to Afghanistan, to assist the Taliban. You guys are incredible.


"Dan, Harper said the Liberals have shown more sympathy for the rights of Taliban prisoners than the welfare of Canadians soldiers. He's right."

He simply is NOT right. Please indicate to me the endless incidences of the Liberals caring more about the Taliban. Issues surrounding detainees have only really become a political football recently as the result of major ministerial botches.

"He said Liberal leadership hopefuls had becoming increasingly anti-Israel."

No he said, "I think, though, this is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken by virtually all of the candidates for the Liberal leadership."

Which was total bollocks. And insulting to a supporter of Israel.


And can we please lower the partisan level a little bit, I'm actually a relatively new Liberal member and really only interested in the current. I did actually think Harper might represent a bit of a change in Politics, but so far I just haven't seen it. And for the life of me I do not understand, whether Harper has steered the discourse into the gutter, or it's always been there, how this could possibly be good for "freedom" in Canada.

Like I said depressing...


Could you post the entire discussion, so we can get context????


Steve V, the Liberals created the mission, yes. Since then...

Paul Martin failed to show up for crucial votes extending the mission and for Karzai's speech in Parliament.

Stephane Dion has flip-flopped on the mission at least twice. The other leadership hopefuls were mostly bending over backwards to nix the mission.

The Liberals have literally asked more questions about Taliban rights in Parliament then showing any kind of support recently for the mission.

As for the context, what possible context could justify calling Harper a racist? Go to the CTV site. They have the entire segment there, as though it matters.


Dan, I think it's typical of you to want to ignore much of how we got here, as well as Kennedy's comment, which tops it all off.

Like I said, you Liberals want it one way, and are when it isn't that way.

As for Harper changing things, I think it's precisely that he is changing things, and Canadians seem to like it, that has you Liberals furious.

He keeps most of his promises. He's tough when he needs to be. He's better than the opposition.

It's enough to drive a Liberal and a Canadian journalist crazy, I know.



I can't find it on CTV.

I'm just curious if you posted on all of Harper's slurs, his MP's slandering the "Liberal ethnic blocs", the Taliban sympathizer, anti-Israel, child porn lover comments? Is your indignation a partisan affair?

In my mind, it's about time a Liberal starting hitting back against this mean-spirited, divisive, wedge-politic playing charade of a government.


"I can't find it on CTV."

Here, if it really matters. It won't.

When did Harper slander Liberal ethnic blocs? When did he say the Liberals were Taliban sympathizers?

Anti-Israel? There's some evidence of that.

Child porn? He thought the Liberals were soft on child porn.

You see, Liberals are allowed to hurl all kinds of accusations at Harper, but Harper isn't allowed to have a tough opinion against Liberals.

It's the way liberals like to have it. And your outrage at Harper is just another example of that.

Liberals have been far worse than Harper is now, yet you only cry over Harper's deeds.

He's changing that, and you feel powerless. I guess I don't blame you.


Dennis: Hyder was correct in not responding to Kennedy's prepared attack on Harper because to respond would be to give credence to the attack. The Liberals may have more MSM credibility than Conservatives, and to give the MSM the meat they need to press the attack on Harper is to be avoided.

It is better strategy to lob a grenade into the Liberal camp and watch them foaming, bitching and slagging which destroys their 'airtime' image .. while Hyder tries to offer viewers a more positive message and image.

It's better to look like a reasonable politician ... rather than the whining, imploding Liberals and the attack dogs (Kennedy, Ignatieff, Martha H-F) that Dion sends out on his behalf. You know that Dion cannot present a reasonable leadership image so all the attacks are done by proxies, and they make the Liberal party look strident and stupid.

Just notice that whenever a Conservative spokesperson appears on TV , they are always reasonable and impervious to the slimy Liberal attacks and the stupid NDP blurts. Just watch ...


Anonymous (who I suspect is either Goldy Hyder or a Conservative operative, lol), all Hyder needed to do was to point out the fact that Kennedy just called Harper a racist, and what that says about the credibility of their own demands for an apology. Repeat what he said, and say it's an allegation of racism. Simple.

Why does it take an obscure blogger like me to do the common sense thing?

And I think Hyder is guilty of being soft, as are most old-style PCers.

Liberals love their Conservatives passive, which is why they like Joe Clark and Hyder, and hate Harper and John Reynolds.

Just don't take the crap. That's all. Harper doesn't.


"He's changing that, and you feel powerless."

LMAO. He's taken us to the gutter, and even conservative columnists have found it necessary to point out his "mean" streak.

BTW, although the Conservatives are up in the polls, those same findings show Harper is seen as completely political and calculating. Way to raise the bar Mr. Harper!


Steve V, Liberals have done far worse, and Kennedy is continuing to do far worse. How exactly is Harper taking us into the gutter?

Again, you Liberals don't think he should be allowed to criticize you, which is why you have the hypocritical double-standard and get hysterical when he does it.

Harper has raised the bar, in comparison to you guys. It's not that hard, actually.


Even the Conservative Whip Hill admitted that the tone of this parliament has been the worst he has seen. Who sets the tone, the government or the opposition?? Only blind partisans actually believe Harper has raised the bar. Never has a Prime Minister acted in such a way, that is irrefutable, and frankly it's the only reason you guys aren't in the mid 40's right now.


Let's see, a sitting prime minister was shouted down for wanting to read from a newspaper from which the Liberals nor Bains have asked for a retraction.

Liberals keep yelling and screaming for apologies from a prime minister engaging in hardball.

Yet, somehow, it's Harper's fault.

If one side is doing all the yelling and screaming, they're setting the tone. They don't like free speech coming from the prime minister, obviously.

He has broken no rules. If you have a problem with that, and the tone, I suggest you write a letter to the Liberal speaker of the House.

And if I was you, I wouldn't be in the business of criticizing where the Tories will be in the polls on election day. I'd be a heck of a lot more worried about what's going on in your camp, and what kind of leadership prospects your guy actually has.

Harper has consistently out-performed the polls at the ballot box. You see, in a democracy, that's what matters — not undemocratic media polls that still predict Harper will wipe the floor with Dion.

Good luck with that.


Usually when I see someone use the phrase "you liberals" I've realized there's no point in debating with them anymore. I'm not interested in us vs. you arguments. Liberals this, Liberals that. It's so tiring. It does however, make me look forward to going to class the next day and actually hearing some interesting debate.

Oh, and did someone just call Martha Hall Findlay and Michael Ignatieff attack dogs? Haha!

And I think Harper implied that the Liberals are sympathetic to the Taliban when he said they SYMPATHIZED with the Taliban, pretty simple.

Like I've said before Harper has disapointed me, but not really surprised me.


First of all, PM Harper wasn't picking on anyone. He was trying to read an article from the Vancouver Sun.

Secondly, as far as I saw, there was only one person, Bains, who was wearing a turban, and it was his name and his father-in-law's name that was mentioned in the article. So, logically, how could PM Harper be picking on those "people" wearing turbans? Is Gerard Kennedy seeing doubles??? If so, what's he drinking???

Thirdly, why don't the Liberals just answer the questions posed in the Vancouver Sun article. That would clear it up, wouldn't it???


Well technically the Vancouver Sun doesn't really ask anything. And any of the implications that could be made from the article were denounced as bullshit.

Like the Jonathan Kay article as well.

What more do you want them to say?


This is really funny. What alot of the posters here can't seem to understand is that Stephen Harper's insinuation on links to terrorism within the Liberal party was a terrible media blunder. Terrible. Most people agree it was simple-minded and mean-spirited.

Harper's error will be pointed out again and again and again. Pointing out Stephen Harper's mistake --the disconnect between the way he sees things and the way average Canadians see things-- is not a drive by smear.

Get used to it. It will come up time and time again. Stephen Harper made a mistake. You should want to make this story disappear, not make it bigger. And it will get bigger.


You have a problem with this, but not Harper's smears?


When you lower the level of discourse in the house as Harper has, this is what you're going to get. In fact, many people have been getting on the Liberals' case for not doing this kind of thing yet.

You may criticize all smears, or decide that they are okay. You can't just be in favour of your party's smears though, without being considered to be a hypocrite.


Dan, if you want a real debate, then engage in one. Instead, you're just coming on here and attacking Harper on a thread about Kennedy's smear.

Look at the actual quote. He said the Liberals showed more enthusiasm for the rights of Taliban prisoners than for Canadians soldiers. In fact, recently, they have.

Dan, I want the Liberals and Bains to ask for a retraction and apology from the Vancouver Sun for allegations the Liberals didn't even allow a sitting prime minister to read in our Parliament. When has that ever happened in our history?

The Jonathan Kay article is another matter, and more an example of Liberals who can't stand freedom of the press when it works against them.

Aaron, if you're right, then why haven't the Liberals said a peep about the Vancouver Sun article?

Also, some food for thought, especially for any media who might be reading this: How many stories do you think we've had on Navdeep Bains' father-in-law by now if Navdeep Bains was a Conservative? Why hasn't anyone done a story on Navdeep Bains' father-in-law, a "the man at the centre of the controversy" type angle?

Where is Terry Milewski when you need him? Still chasing down Dosanjh supporters for quotes against Grewal?


Robedger, I believe political hardball is alright. Calling people racists isn't, especially when they're howling and screaming for civility from the other guys. I mean, it's laughable.


It's gonna be a nasty, dirty, low-down, hard-hitting election campaign when it happens .. and the Liberal MSM and the CBC/CTV will do their part with blatant disregard for the facts .. because the Dion Liberals must win the next election at all cost ... it's all going to pour out and drench the nation in mire .. Liberal mire and you can count on that ..!


"It's gonna be a nasty, dirty, low-down, hard-hitting election campaign when it happens"

If it is, that just plays to Harper's strengths. Nasty is a involuntary response for this gang of Conservatives.


"Never has a Prime Minister acted in such a way"

I call BS on that, what planet are you living on? Did you pay ANY attention to the last election?

Did you check out the ads?

Paul Martin was still running the country when he authorized those.

Get your partisan head out of the partisan koolaid.


I can't even read these comments, you're all crazy.

Liberals are assholes, and Conservatives are assholes - to point at one while protecting your own is hypocrisy. Running around screaming "blind partisanship!" in a blindly partisan way makes you, um, a blind partisan.


Steve, just like the National Post editorial told Dion, be a man. I also suggest taking a long, hard look in the mirror while you're at it. Waaaaaaaaa.

Jason Bo Green, I just think you're using a cop-out.

There's two sets of standards.

The Liberals are allowed to attack and yell and scream whenever they want.

Harper gets attacked for doing the attacking.

It's the way it is.


Gerard Kennedy is an unbelievable hypocrite. All this crap coming from a guy who's never held a real job in his life. I can tell you for a fact that (having just retired from the forces after more than 20 yrs)Liberals never supported the Military. These welfare, refugee loving elitist buffoons decimated the military from the time of Trudeau on. They gutted the military in favour of spending the money on useless welfare and multi-cultural programs that have failed miserably. I've had to listen for years to the left making absolutely ridiculous and preposterous accusations against politicians from the right. These Libs are the epitome of narcissistic, hypocritical elitists I've ever seen in my 47 yrs on this ball. These lefties absolutely make me want to puke every time they open their lying mouths and spew their fallacies, veiled as the only truth for the MSM to regurgitate to the masses.


Cripes for the second time there are no allegations in the Vancouver Sun story. They just point out some facts that can be strung together to imply some dark conspiracy by the Liberals. Harper decided to string the facts together. Hence the universal outrage by pretty much anyone with a brain. But hey a chance to piss off all Liberals and fill his supporters minds with ideas of how evil the Liberals are and hey, that's an opportunity Harper couldn't pass up.

And I'm not here to defend, or promote the MSM. I frankly don't care that you don't like what they report or don't report. Cause as long as there is a MSM there'll be conservatives to whine about it.


I watched Kennedy, what an a$$hole. I totally agree with PM Harpers statement about the Liberals being more supportive of the taliban then our soldiers. The Liberals are too stupid to understand that if they keep yelping about this, it only makes people more aware of the statement. Yet they wonder why they are getting beat up in the polls?

I notice that no Liberal has mentioned Coderre (the shadow defence minister)marching with the Hezbollah supporters in Montreal. That is sure to bite them in the butt next election.

Liberals are like 5 year olds, they are only concerned with themselves, and cry if an adult takes away their toys.

Well, get used to adults running the show.


Gerard Kennedy has incredible chutzpah to say such a hypocritical thing.

The Conservatives needn't take any lessons from the Liberal Party of Canada.

Why? Here's just a few (amongst many, many, countless) reasons:

Oh... and don't forget that the Liberal Party of Canada was all too eager to deny Gurmant Grewal, an immigrant, a Punjabi from India, and a Conservative, the benefit of the doubt. Contrast this to their automatically giving all of their members the benefit of the doubt, no matter what. I know for a fact that Mohammed Elmasry, who declared openly that all Jews in Israel over 18 were legitimate targets for murder by jihadists. He's still a Liberal Party of Canada member... and was one of the folks who helped Stephane Dion become leader.

Look, in a nutshell, the Liberals are throwing stones in a glass house.

They won't get away with it. No, they won't.

Every time they try to play the race, sex, or whatever card for cynically greedy political gain, I'll be there to damn them to hell for it.

Bring it on. Go ahead, Liberal bigots and extremists, make my day...


It's like I always say: a Liberal is never happier than when he can call someone a racist.


The CTV is pushing a "Harper is a Unstatesmanlike Bully" agenda by how it presents the news on it's website.
If I had to face the constant barrage of hysteria wrapped in lies that serve as questions in question period these days I think my head would explode. Harper keeps a pretty good lid on his temper in the face of the garbage thrown his way and at his ministers.



"partisan koolaid"

I didn't vote for Martin last election, pay attention would ya and stop with the boring moral indignation.


Must be nice to sit on your pedestral, under the illusion that you are objective. It's actually hilarious, the pius attitude. Such clarity, that a partisan can never hope to realize. Cough.


A man like kennedy and the libs have no conscience they will say and do anything to be in power. if anybody is a bigot its kennedy and the libs. I just can't understand why people vote for them and believe every lie they tell. How blind can some people be to believe these thugs. I hope that PM Harper,conservative MPs and the people of Canada will not take this lightly. SHAME ON KENNEDY (IF HE HAS ANY).


Dan, you are simply wrong about the Vancouver Sun article. They wrote the story. Harper wasn't even allowed to read it. Yet it was Harper who the Liberals demanded an apology from, saying he made allegations against Bains and the Liberals that were outrageous. Well, if they were so outrageous, why not a peep against the Vancouver Sun?

Honestly, please get your facts straight about this matter. I know criticizing you Libs is like criticizing a pseudo religion, but the facts are the facts. Educate yourself about them before debating the issue, please.


Weeks of gnashing of teeth, foaming at the mouth and hair pulling from the Liberal party over an off-the-cuff remark made by Peter McKay to an empty chair but nothing but excuses when Kennedy falsely accuses the Prime Minister of rascism.

When it comes to gutter politics the Liberals have cornered the market.


I've read the article a hundred times, and you know damn well exactly what point the Prime Minister was trying to make when he read tried to read the article. I don't even know what point you're trying to make now.


Dan McKenzie:

The Prime Minister's (possible, though not actually stated, mind you) point may have been that it appeared that the Liberal Party may have wanted to kill the anti-terror laws they themselves brought in so as to perhaps hopefully effectively kill the new Air India Inquiry brought in by the Conservatives, perhaps preventing the victims' families from ever learning the truth... and perhaps any truth about any Liberals who may or may not have had anything to do with whatever, not that I can say either way, but people will wonder, and that's a political reality stemming from the Liberals' own history of behavior towards the Inquiry and their shocking flipflop on protecting Canada's national security!

Mr. Harper is perfectly entitled to play political hardball as do the Librano$, and we know that's how they do things.

Fair's fair. We can pick up the dirtballs the Liberals have lobbed, toss them into the air and bat them right back at the Liberals! They should stop whining like infants and act like grownups! Take it like you give it, you wussies, eh?

The Liberals had refused to honor a Parliamentary majority vote to have a new Inquiry. Then, as they didn't want one and weren't going to have one, they were just fine with the antiterror laws as they were then. They figured they'd win the next election and maintain the no-Inquiry stance. Who knows whether they'd have kept or voted down their own laws if they had won? Canadians rightfully wonder and are concerned about the lack of truth coming out in the Inquiry, which the Liberals effectively shut down!

The Liberals brought it upon themselves. They should've accepted the democratic Parliamentary vote and brought in the Inquiry and the should've voted to maintain the antiterror laws and protect our national security! But look what they did! The deserve everything that's coming out of their own deliberate, wilful actions which Canadians find wholly reprehensible!

Anyway: it's about political optics. You see, Dan, all parties make these wondering-out-loud not-impossible connections based on information that pops up, which, in this case, popped up in a newspaper, which is still standing by the story, as far as I know.

The political optics here is that the Liberals are protecting someone or some folks. Look, you know damn well that the PM never, never, never named names. You know. The newspaper did. (So go after the newspaper, not the PM, and that goes double for Kennedy!)

Clearly, the Canadian people are worried that the Liberals may be doing all in their power to prevent any truth about what's what wrt the Air India terrorist bombing for some reason. What reason that is is an object of national speculation. It isn't for me or the PM to point fingers, and we have NOT. Let me be clear on that.

Mr. Kennedy, on the other hand, is guilty of a vicious, caustic, incendiary... and pathetically cowardly, typically leftwing extremist slander, using the politics of race yet again.

But Mr. Kennedy knows full well that there's plenty of racism, sexism and overall bigotry and extremism within his own party. He and other Liberal attack dogs are sent out (remember Elinor Caplan? *Spit*) to defame political opponents. Their only hope of consistent electoral victory is via such slanderous attacks, lying, cheating and stealing taxpayer money. And we know they're guilty as sin.

And there's, don't forget, three dozen criminal investigations into their behavior while in office.

The Librano$ are throwing stones in a glass house, truth be told.

And speaking of attitudes towards persons of Indian descent, be they Sikh, Punjabi, atheist, whatever, the Librano$ have no business pointing fingers and saying, "... because they wear turbans, because they look different..."... that's adolescent B.S. coming from Mr. Kennedy. He knows he's full of it. Look, the Librano$ are guilty as sin of viciously attacking, refusing to grant benefit of doubt to an Indian Punjabi immigrant, Gurmant Grewal, who was exonerated of any wrongdoing, so who the hell are they to point hypocritical fingers?

I guess the Liberals think that it's ok to viciously attack and deny the benefit of the doubt to people who look different, as long as they're Conservatives!

Mr. Kennedy should retract, apologize and shut his big, fat Librano yap if he has one molecule of honor left in him!

Oh, and he deserves what he's getting. He brought the backfire upon himself... and his entire party!

His attack has backfired big time! He's only digging the Liberal Party of Canada deeper into the nearly-six-foot hole!


Dan, I've said it before. I'll repeat it for you.

All the prime minister tried to do is read from that article, and he wasn't even given that chance.

If that was so bad, if even the though of repeating what's in the article so outrageous, then why haven't the Liberals asked for a retraction from the Vancouver Sun?

The fact that they haven't means that they're complete outrage over the prime minister's actions was nothing more than a comedy routine, and a pretty bad one at that.

Like I've suggested in the past, someone needs to calm Ralph Goodale down before he has a breakdown.

This has all been about the audacity of the prime minister to challenge Liberal hegemony in this country. Nothing more. It certainly hasn't been about logic or facts.


Kennedy just repeated his slur line for line on Duffy this afternoon. This time it was Bernard Lord who did not bite.

What is he trying to achieve? The first time was obviously not a gaffe.


Lol, Kennedy stuck it in there again. I don't even give a shit anymore.

And please guys, comparing Gurmant Grewal to Navdeep Bains? Just because they are both Sihks doesn't mean they're at all comparable. Nav is a good man and an awesome politician, Gurmant is a bum.


Dan, Mr. Grewal isn't a Sikh. As I indicated, he's Punjabi.

I see. Didn't bother to read what I wrote... nor do you know whereof you speak. Just like virtually all Liberals.

Then again, as you said yourself, you don't give a shit. Understood.

How is Bains necessarily a "good man" whereas Grewal is necessarily a "bum"? Shame on you, Liberal! Calling Mr. Grewal a bum! And don't forget that he, too, "looks different"! I bet you don't like the insinuation? Eh?

But then again, the Liberals did, indeed, wrongly accuse someone who "looked different", an immigrant from India, of criminal wrongdoing. And, remember, Mr. Grewal was exonerated. The RCMP said that the tapes are genuine.

The Liberals have such unmitigated gall!

It's the Liberals on the tapes who have to answer for what they said. Interestingly, Mark Holland and Kennedy are trying to make hay of some old documents they found that suggests stuff about Mr. Hart and Mr. Day that isn't even as bad as what the Liberal characters said on the tapes, though it (the allegation against Mr. Day) has already been looked into and dismissed by police. And we learn also of accusations against Mr. Reynolds... the timing of all this is just too suspicious. Then again, we're dealing with the Librano$$$! Again, they're throwing stones in a glass house!

Sounds like you're just being partisan. "Liberals good. Conservatives bad." Right?

*Violin music*

Mr. Grewal was right. He got audiotape evidence of Liberal wrongdoing. And it was genuine, not fake, as the Liberals claimed.

Mr. Bains? I know nothing about him. Except that he's a Liberal. And virtually all Liberals suck.

And the only one in the country, by the way, who said anything about "turbans" or "looking different" is Gerard Kennedy himself.

Think about that. Who's practing racial politics here? The answer is clear. But that's his choice. He wants to drag his bum through the gutter like an itchy-hiney rat, that's his business. But he's going to end up hurting himself and his party in the eyes of the Canadian electorate, the very electorate who is wholly turned off by this kind of gutter filth politics as practiced by the Librano$$$.

I noticed, too, that Kennedy repeated his slander on Duffy.

Awesome... this guy has gone off his rocker... unhinged to the max!

Trust me... he's not going to get away with this. Nor is that Holland guy. Why? 'Cause we have all sorts of dirt, all sorts of nasty TRUTHS on the Liberals.

And never forget... all the Liberals have are slanders and hearsays and unfounded claims and so on, all unsubstantiated.

And the Liberals are facing three dozen continuing criminal investigations into their conduct while in power! Has everyone forgotten that fact?

Stones... glass house... Liebrano$$$...

If I sound nasty, it's only because the Liberals want it that way.

That's the way Don Dion and his Mob want to play it. And Gerard Kennedy is his most visible hitman.

The Liberals, never, never forget, will indeed stoop to attacking people who happen to "look different". They're that dirty, as we've seen many times. Win at all costs. Retain power at all costs.


Bains is an awesome politician? Based on what? Nobody knew he even existed until the Vancouver Sun wrote an article about him, the truth of which still stands.


Well, well, well... what'd I say about Liberals throwing stones in glass houses? Tch, tch...

The following is written by a former Liberal nomination hopeful and exposed at the blog below:


Then, yesterday, I received a telephone call from Bruce Young - a BC Campaign co-chair from head office in Vancouver. He advised me that he intended to install a woman by the name of Anne Park Shannon in the riding. He advised me that this could be accomplished in any number of ways including her direct appointment, denying approval for myself or anyone else to run against her or by manipulating the process in a variety of other ways.

Mr. Young then offered a variety of incentives to persuade me to step aside. He advised that the Liberal party has a "good record of taking care of people who agree to step aside." I have advised him that I have no interest in anything of this nature.


The arrogant approach of Mr. Young and the sense of entitlement displayed by Ms. Park Shannon represent the very worst qualities of the Liberal party. They both demonstrate a complete disrespect for the democratic process.

When I put this to Mr. Young he retorted that "The Liberal party is not a democratic organization."

A Liberal said that.

I didn't make this up. See for yourself. Got that from National Newswatch.

What'd I say about the Liberals not getting away with their dirty stuff? Hmm?


Oh Sentinel, silly little Sentinel. I've seen your anti-Liberal rant from many before and I'm sure it feels great to let it all out, but you're not convincing anyone outside your circle anyways.

And as far as I know Gurmant Grewal can be considered both a sikh and a punjabi, like Navdeep, but that's not really the point. Gurmant Grewal is a scumbag, check his history, Navdeep is stellar.

Dennis, Navdeep is an awesome politician in my opinion because for one becoming an MP at 37 is nothing to shit on, and becoming one of the best political organizers in Canada by 39 isn't too bad either. There are a lot of politicians out there very good at their job that don't get national attention. No comparison with Grewal who is definitely a bum.

And what exactly do you mean about the Vancouver Sun truth still standing? So what? What's in there that is so shocking? I can't even find the article anymore, seems it's disappeared.


Sentinel you really think the Liberals are the only ones that have troubles with their nomination battles? Please, crawl out from underneath that rock.

Rob Anders, Sandheep Bhar anyone? Nevermind, Kilrea-O'Reilly gate today.

Nomination battles often turn into a gong show. IN EVERY PARTY!



Dan, you should be ashamed of yourself for calling someone who "looks different" a "scumbag". I'm sure Mr. Kennedy would disapprove of that!

Now, now, don't get mad at me. Get mad at Kennedy. He's the one who's talking about the irrelevant fact that someone "looks different". (Or "wears a turban", for that matter. Don't ask me why he thought it mattered. He's the one who brought it up. Did Stephanie Dion approve of his reprehensible race/religion-oriented attack?)

See? Liberals throwing stones in a glass house!


Ha, you're a moron, Grewal's scum.


Dan McKenzie, Liberal, said:

Ha, you're a moron, Grewal's scum.

-Another stupid Liberal slur.

(I noticed, also that Dan, according to his profile, works for his daddy... sound familiar for a Liberal?)

No wonder the Liberals are sinking in the polls like stones. Canadians are sick, empty-stomached and empty-bowelled, of the Liberals... and the delusional Liberals nevertheless continue to believe in the myth that they're the "Natural Governing Party" and somehow divinely will always bounce back to rule the nation with an iron-fisted majority, doing as they please, the majority of the time.

Next leader of the Liberals: Baghdad Bob!

Astonishing! Such delusion hath the Liberals!

Keep it up, Liberals! You guys are the laughingstock of Canada... and soon, the planet!


Nicely done CS, refuting Liberals is easier than shooting fish in a barrel - Joey J.


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