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Monday, March 26, 2007


Gerard Kennedy is a reactionary hypocrite and smear monger

Not only does he do it once, but he does it again the very next day — almost verbatim:

Not only that, but all three of the other supposedly respectable public people appearing with Kennedy allow him to get away with his campaign of hate.

I was tough on Conservative Goldy Hyder last time for being passive. I guess I should be hard on Bernard Lord this time. However, I guess I'll put most of the blame on CTV host Mike Duffy in this instance.

Why in the world did he not stop Kennedy and ask, "Now, hold on a minute, are you accusing the prime minister of engaging in political attacks based on people's race?"

But in Liberal Canada, I guess little twerps like Kennedy can get away with it. What a weasel and a hypocrite.

These people deserve to be on the opposition benches for a long time, folks.

Kennedy and the Liberals aren't going to get away with their desperate "shock and awe" campaign of unsubstantiated character assassination.

They're getting nastier than ever before.

And they've just started with this hellish campaign.

But mark my words, it will backfire on them, and spectacularly, just as it did in the last Federal Election.

Speaking of which, time to check how the returns are happening in Quebec...


The Liberals will probably lose the next election, but it won't have anything to do with this.


Oh, don't think so?

Wonder why they're going to lose again, then?

Any thoughts?

For me, it's because Canadians have finally awaken and seen the Liberals unmasked. And have screamed.


Yah you're right sentinel, I guess it couldn't have anything to do with Harper being pretty a solid Prime Minister.


Leave the Liberals in their cesspool hurling their negative accusations and hoping that something will stick to the new clean Conservatives. The Liberals have nothing positive to say and their negativaty will be rejected by Canadians in any next election. Conservtives should stay the high road and deliver positive messages in their public media sound bites.

The Liberals are now bereft of any political philosophy and represent the worst remnant of a criminal organization, and somebody like Kennedy is a perfect example of that devious and desperate strategy of trying to drag the Conservatives down to their lowly level. Liberals now stink with defeat and Dion is a perfect leader as they crash across Canada.


Do you know why Hyder, Lord and just about every other commentator in this country hasn't complained about what Kennedy has said? Because they know in their hearts that this PM, while not a racist when he thinks about it, is just one small step away from those old white reform roots. When he gets cocky he doesn't think and he says stupid racist things - and he thinks he's clever. He might be a competent PM, but he will undo himself with smug and smarmy comments.


Hey, anonymous...

WHICH CAUCUS is the most multicultural?

That would be the CPoC, PMSH's.

He doesn't have to defend himself, because "the truth will set you free." Or so they say, anyway.

You might want to do a bit of research before you post such garbage. For example:

Which major party was first to have a woman leader?
Which party had the first female Prime Minister?
Which party had the first Japanese-Canadian (and female) MP?
Which party...

... oh, nevermind. You aren't worth the effort.


Me thinks you doth protest too much....


Methinks thou art a Liberal hate-monger.


Dennis - chances are that we're going to share the same views on many issues but both you, and certainly Candace, have missed my point. I wouldn't argue with anything she's written single point - facts are facts - but I wasn't attacking the CPC or conservatives in general. My point is that the PM, when he gets cocky, says dumb things. And that when he says dumb things to do with race, culture or ethnicity, it takes anyone with half a brain about 2 seconds to make analogies with the old Reform Party. And my personal prediction is that he will eventually (maybe not this election - whenever that is) defeat himself unless he can stop saying stupid things. Feel free to label me but you know, as do many other conservatives, that I'm right about this.


Oh, so now the anonymous poster has decided to name himself "Jeff". I guess some people will go to great lengths to try and smear political opponents as racists.

I'm not buying your act, buddy. Harper said absolutely nothing that was racist or bigoted.

The only people who say so are Liberal weasels such as you an Kennedy.

Shame on you both.

And did you really think I was that dumb to be fooled by the act?

Some people will do anything for power, I tell ya.


Get over yourself Dennis.


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It is always interesting when a person like you attempts to defend a proven racist like Harper, openly accusing a Sikh person of being linked to a terrorist act.

Somehow, Harper didn't accuse any other persons who were 9 years old at the time of the bombing... just the sikh guy.

Gerard Kennedy is spot on. And you look partisan and pathetic.


Divarachel, please provide one shred of proof for your hateful accusations.

Is this honestly what the Dion Liberals have become?


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