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Friday, June 04, 2010


Interesting reads of the day

• I remarked earlier on how someone at the Toronto Star really really really doesn't want to see Canada's left-of-centre parties cancel each other out in any upcoming election. Well, turns out that Ms. Hebert is far more open to the idea of having them work together after all. Who knew?

I suppose that the ultimate indicator of how much a threat such cooperation could pose might come from the prime minister himself. Is Conservative leader Stephen Harper terrified at the prospect of a more united opposition, or is he relishing the opportunity to brand them, once again, as a coalition of liberals, socialists, and separatists? If only I were a fly on the wall for a second. Anyhow, should be an interesting summer.

Hey, Dennis ... have you spotted Nola posting on the G&M fora under several different monikers ... she tries to cover it up but can't ... soooo obvious ...LOL


lol, well, I asked someone on the Macleans's boards if they were Nola, and they never responded. This was after a lengthy exchange in which "she" stubbornly refuse to accept anyone else's premise on the issue. Only her's mattered. Classic Nola.

I also ran into someone at the Globe and Mail who must have been her, too. Although the Globe boards are technically kind of lame, so I'm not there as much.

As I stated all along, Nola must be a Liberal operative. I don't base that on any knee-jerk disagreement with her, as many do against me, but based on a long observed trend of how she posts. Simply protecting the Liberal party agenda. Quite strange.


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